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Retail stores depend on a robust network for smooth business operations. To ensure customer retention, mitigate security risks, and maintain revenue flow, retailers increasingly need a high-speed, resilient network. The growing digital influence in the industry, coupled with the integration of IoT devices like POS stations, security cameras, and handheld devices connected to cloud services, underscores the need for a secure and reliable network. Predictable WAN connectivity is crucial for seamless communication between stores, warehouses, and headquarters.

Nirad Network’s proven solutions deliver continuous network resilience and maximum uptime for retail networks. Trusted by some of the country’s largest retail brands, our solutions are not only easy and quick to deploy but also simple to manage and scalable to support thousands of stores. At Nirad, we understand the unique challenges faced by retailers, and our commitment is to provide cutting-edge solutions that elevate your business

Why Choose Nirad Networks for Your Retail Stores?

At Nirad Networks, we are committed to addressing the distinctive challenges faced by retailers, making us the ideal partner for your connectivity needs. Here’s why choosing Nirad Networks can revolutionize your retail operations:

Predictable and Secure Network Infrastructure

Forge a secure and predictable network infrastructure with Nirad Networks, ensuring uninterrupted digital banking experiences from branch to cloud.

Enhanced Transaction Speed

Elevate the speed and efficiency of transactions, catering to both in-branch and ATM operations for optimal customer service.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Bid farewell to installation complexities. Our Zero Touch Provisioning simplifies the setup process, ensuring quick and error-free installations without extensive IT support.

Secure Connectivity and Data Protection

Extend security measures to safeguard customer and financial data across the entire network. Utilize secure SD-WAN to fortify endpoints against potential threats.

Agility for Digital Banking Initiatives

Stay agile in the digital banking landscape with Nirad's connectivity solutions, expediting time to deployment and reducing operational costs.

Streamlined Management

Efficiently manage your banking network with Nirad's cloud-based management system, providing real-time insights and control from any location.

Secured Connectivity Beyond Traditional Measures

Move beyond conventional security with Nirad Networks. Utilize SD-WAN edge devices to identify and reject untrusted traffic, applying security controls to enhance protection.

Reliable Maintenance

Nirad's robust routers minimize the need for constant maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring stable connectivity across all banking locations.

Multi-Functional Support

Beyond connectivity, our routers support various functions, including ATM transaction processing, customer Wi-Fi, digital signage, and security, enhancing the overall banking experience.

Key feature of Nirad Networks solution for Banks

Discover the unmatched features of Nirad Networks’ Industrial Banking Router series, meticulously designed to excel in banking and ATM environments, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Explore how Nirad Networks can elevate your banking operations:

Seamless In-Branch and ATM Connectivity

Our routers seamlessly operate in both in-branch and ATM settings, ensuring consistent connectivity for smooth banking operations.

Transaction Speed Optimization

Elevate transaction speeds for both in-branch services and ATM transactions, enhancing overall customer service efficiency.

Cloud-Based Management

Effortlessly monitor and manage all Nirad routers from any location with our intuitive cloud-based management system, providing real-time insights and control.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Experience hassle-free installations with our plug-and-play provisioning, streamlining deployment across all banking locations for quick and error-free setup.

URL Filtering for Control

Take charge of your network with NIRAD SD-WAN URL Filtering, allowing customized network access policies for enhanced security and control.

Deployment Flexibility

Our routers boast a versatile operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, ensuring durability and flexibility for deployment in various banking environments.

Optimal Band Selection

Ensure optimal performance by accessing all available bands with our routers, supporting both auto band and manual band selection.

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