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It comes as no surprise that businesses need reliable and scalable network solutions. Nirad Networks offers a premier made in India SD-WAN solution tailored to meet the unique needs of Indian businesses. Our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless connectivity, robust security, and superior performance, making us a top choice among made in India SD-WAN providers.

Why Choose Nirad Networks?

Nirad Networks stands out with its innovative approach and customer-centric solutions. Our India made SD-WAN is designed to keep your business connected and secure, with features like self-healing networks, advanced security, and zero-touch deployment. Let’s explore why Nirad Networks is the best choice for your SD-WAN needs and is a leader amongst India made SD-WAN companies.

Key Features of Nirad Networks SD-WAN

 No Downtime Ever

Nirad Networks' made in India SD-WAN solution ensures that you never experience downtime. Our system uses diverse WAN options to keep your network up and running, no matter what.

Multi-Cloud Ready

Our India made SD-WAN solution is optimized for multi-cloud environments. This ensures seamless integration with multiple public and private clouds, future-proofing your network.

Self-Healing Network

Nirad SD-WAN continuously monitors link quality for jitter, latency, and throughput. It adjusts bandwidth in real-time, ensuring optimal performance even when links degrade. If a link fails, traffic is seamlessly redirected, maintaining uninterrupted connectivity.

Integrated Stateful Firewall

Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN includes an advanced stateful firewall. It provides comprehensive security at both branch and hub levels. This flexibility allows administrators to enforce policies centrally or locally, offering maximum control over network security.

VPN Channel Fusion

Our VPN Channel Fusion technology combines multiple communication links into a single high-bandwidth connection. This enhances stability and resilience by automatically redirecting traffic if a link fails. It supports various link types, making it versatile for different operational needs.

Packet Loss Mitigation

Nirad Networks employs sophisticated techniques to mitigate packet loss. Our SD-WAN solution ensures reliable data transmission by using retransmissions to guarantee that lost or corrupted packets are delivered correctly.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Deploying network solutions can be challenging, especially without local IT expertise. Nirad Networks simplifies this with Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP). Our devices require minimal setup and automatically configure themselves upon connecting to the internet.

Direct Internet Breakout

Nirad’s SD-WAN allows business-critical applications to access the internet directly from the branch. This improves user experience and ensures efficient traffic routing.

Policy-Based Forwarding

With Nirad’s Policy-Based Forwarding, traffic can be routed based on application type, device profile, and network conditions. This ensures secure and efficient network operations.

Multi-Path Quality of Service (QoS)

Nirad Networks ensures that critical applications always receive the necessary bandwidth. Our Multi-Path QoS feature prioritizes applications sensitive to latency and jitter, preventing costly upgrades and enhancing productivity.

Benefits of Choosing Nirad Networks

Tailored Solutions: Our made in India SD-WAN is designed specifically for Indian businesses, addressing local challenges effectively.

Cost-Effective:  Nirad Networks offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality, providing high value for your investment.

Robust Security:  Advanced security features protect your network and data from various threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Scalability: Nirad SD-WAN is highly scalable, growing with your business and adapting to your changing needs.

Seamless Integration: Our solution integrates seamlessly with multi-cloud environments, optimizing performance and security.


Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN offers unique features like self-healing networks, advanced security, zero-touch deployment, and multi-path QoS, ensuring reliable and efficient network performance. As one of the leading made in India SD-WAN providers, we deliver solutions that are specifically designed for Indian businesses.

Our SD-WAN continuously monitors link quality and adjusts bandwidth in real-time. It redirects traffic seamlessly if a link fails, maintaining uninterrupted connectivity. This makes our India made SD-WAN solution incredibly reliable and robust for various business needs.

Nirad SD-WAN includes an advanced stateful firewall, policy-based filtering, application layer inspection, advanced threat protection, and network address translation. As one of the top made in India SD-WAN providers, our focus is on providing comprehensive security to protect your network and data.

Zero-Touch Deployment simplifies network setup by automatically configuring devices upon internet connection, reducing the need for local IT expertise. This feature, part of our India made SD-WAN, ensures that your network can be easily expanded and managed without complex procedures.

VPN Channel Fusion combines multiple communication links into a single high-bandwidth connection, automatically redirecting traffic if a link fails, ensuring uninterrupted communication. This makes our India made SD-WAN solution exceptionally resilient and reliable.

In conclusion, Nirad Networks offers a robust, reliable, and secure made in India SD-WAN solution. Our innovative technology and customer-centric approach make us the best choice for businesses looking to enhance their network performance and security. Choose Nirad Networks and experience the future of networking today.

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