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Unlock innovative revenue streams by empowering your customers with world-class 5G SD WAN performance and security. As a partner, boost your managed SD-WAN profitability with our user-friendly solutions, perfect for serving small and mid-sized businesses.

As a partner, you’ll become a pioneer in the future of networking, and unlock multiple revenue streams to fuel your business growth.

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Why Partner with Nirad Networks?

In the world of 5G and SD-WAN, choosing the right partner is essential for your success. That’s where Nirad Networks stands out. We offer an industry leading 5G SD-WAN platform, recognized for its performance, security, and robust features. We continuously innovate, ensuring you have access to cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Unlock Growth and Success for Your Business

Expand Your Portfolio

Explore our world-class 5G SD-WAN products crafted in India for a comprehensive portfolio expansion.

Capture New Markets

Capture new markets efficiently with products tailored to the specific needs of Indian businesses.

Boost Profitability and Cut Costs

Opt for cost-effective solutions designed for local business requirements, ensuring top performance, robust security, and essential features without unnecessary complexities from competitor platforms.

Result-Driven Sales Enablement

Get expert support when you need it, including every step of the sales process. Gain unrestricted access to Nirad’s exclusive business opportunities.

Just take a look at our Internet plans and pick which is better for your needs
100 Mbps
Good for e-mail, web-browsing and streaming on 3-4 medium or large screen devices.
Most popular
300 Mbps
Fast online speeds for the whole family, connect 10+ devices at once throughout your whole home.
600 Mbps
Good for streaming through the ultimate WiFi experience, multiplayer gaming, unlimited devices.


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Case study

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We Transformed a Large Retail Branch’s Connectivity with Nirad SD-WAN Using the N100-I SD-WAN EDGE

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We helped Indian Government Ports achieve 99.9% Assurance of Zero Downtime in Outdoor Connectivity with Nirad N100-O 4G LTE Router in partnership with a Leading Systems Integrator