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Seamless Operations with Advanced SD-WAN Devices

In today’s digital age, businesses require robust and efficient network solutions. Nirad Networks offers a range of SD-WAN devices and SD-WAN products designed to streamline operations, enhance connectivity, and reduce costs. Our solutions cater to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and branch offices, providing a fault-tolerant and secure network that is easy to customize across multiple sites, clouds, and connectivity options.

Key Features of Nirad Networks SD-WAN Devices – NVX86

Cloud OnRamp

Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN devices securely connect sites to data centers, public clouds, and SaaS applications. This feature ensures seamless access and optimal performance for all your cloud-based operations.

Self-Healing SD-Hub with DC-DR

Our SD-WAN products include self-healing capabilities that deploy SD-Hub with multiple WAN links and redundant pairs for hub redundancy. This feature ensures site redundancy with support for DC-DR configurations, providing uninterrupted connectivity.

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

Nirad SD-WAN offers robust encryption (AES128, AES256, SHA256) and authentication (SHA 384, SHA 512) to protect your data. This ensures that your network remains secure against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Deployment Options


For businesses preferring all traffic to be routed through their data center, Nirad Networks offers an on-premises NVX86 SD-Hub solution. This ensures secure and centralized control of all network operations.

Cloud Hosted

Our NVX86 SD-Hub Gateway can also be deployed on cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. This is ideal for businesses with cloud-hosted applications, ensuring seamless integration and performance.


Nirad Networks’ NVX86 SD-Hub Gateway supports both on-premises and cloud-hosted deployments. This flexibility allows businesses to operate in diverse environments efficiently.

Take Command of your SD-WAN with Intelligent and Centralized NIRAD SD-WAN Controller

The Nirad SD-WAN Controller offers a user-friendly interface for centralized control, policy implementation, advanced troubleshooting, and dynamic link health monitoring. This ensures that network managers can effectively manage and optimize network performance.

Management Dashboards

Our management dashboards provide comprehensive insights into data usage, device status, and network performance. Features include overall data use and rates, online and offline status, multi-tenancy support, and more.

Live Device Monitoring

Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN devices support real-time monitoring of data rates, heartbeat, memory and CPU usage, VPN tunnel data, and SIM status. This ensures that administrators can keep track of network performance and address issues promptly.

Zero-Touch Monitoring

Our zero-touch monitoring capabilities include alert profiles, network profiles, SSID profiles, URL filtering, multi-WAN profiles, and route profiles. This ensures seamless and efficient network management without manual intervention.

Remote Troubleshooting

Nirad SD-WAN supports remote troubleshooting features like device CLI console access, firmware upgrades, online device reboots, and detailed logs. This minimizes downtime and ensures quick resolution of network issues.

Location Tracking and Geo-fence

Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN products offer location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities. Administrators can set geo-fence profiles, receive email alerts, and track device locations in real-time, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our SD-WAN devices provide real-time reports on device uptime, data usage, SIM signal strength, and more. These reports can be downloaded in XLS format, providing valuable insights for network optimization.

Webhooks and API

Nirad SD-WAN supports CRM webhooks and data usage reports, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. This feature enhances operational efficiency and data management.

Real-Time Alerts

Administrators can set alert priorities and receive real-time alerts on firmware upgrades, WAN status, SIM signal strength, and device status changes. This ensures prompt action and network reliability.

Benefits of Nirad Networks SD-WAN Solutions

Tailored for Indian Businesses: Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN devices are designed with Indian businesses in mind, addressing local challenges effectively and ensuring reliable network performance.

Cost-Effective: Our SD-WAN products offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, providing excellent value for your investment.

Robust Security: Nirad SD-WAN solutions include advanced security features that protect your network from various threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Scalability: Our SD-WAN devices are highly scalable, growing with your business and adapting to your changing needs.

Seamless Integration: Nirad Networks’ solutions integrate seamlessly with multi-cloud environments, optimizing performance and security.


Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN devices offer advanced features like self-healing networks, enterprise-grade encryption, and zero-touch monitoring, ensuring reliable and efficient network performance.

Our SD-WAN products include self-healing capabilities and robust redundancy configurations, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance.

Nirad SD-WAN includes enterprise-grade encryption, centralized stateful firewall, and policy-based security management, providing comprehensive network protection.

Zero-Touch Monitoring allows for seamless network management with minimal manual intervention, using predefined profiles and real-time alerts to ensure efficient operations.

VPN Channel Fusion combines multiple communication links into a single high-bandwidth connection, automatically redirecting traffic if a link fails, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

In conclusion, Nirad Networks offers a comprehensive range of SD-WAN devices and SD-WAN products designed to enhance network performance and ensure seamless connectivity. Our innovative technology and customer-centric approach make us the best choice for businesses looking to optimize their network operations. Choose Nirad Networks for reliable, secure, and scalable SD-WAN solutions.

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