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NIRAD’s Secure SD-WAN solution for Multi-branch enterprises

Nirad SD-WAN is a flexible solution designed to help SMEs and branch offices build secure, fault tolerant L2/L3 networks across multiple sites and clouds.


Nirad SD-WAN is a next generation software-defined networking solution that offers increased security, flexibility, and scalability for businesses.

It provides businesses with increased security, flexibility, and scalability in their network environment. With secure data encryption and protection against cyber threats, businesses can confidently use the platform to connect to cloud-based applications and resources.

India’s Own 5G Enabled SD-WAN

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Benefits of Nirad's SD-WAN

Ready for multi-cloud

Nirad’s SD-WAN OnRamp connects clouds for businesses, improving security, saving costs, and simplifying network management.


Nirad EDGE devices offer diverse WAN options (4G, 5G, Broadband, ILL, MPLS, Satellite) for reliable, efficient network performance.

Centrally Distributed Security

Stateful Firewalls are supported at both branch and hub levels, providing network administrators with flexible security policy configurations.

Global L2 and L3 Networks

Effortlessly build global L2, L3, or combined networks spanning multiple Clouds and Hubs, ensuring security with VRF support and policy-based routing.

NIRAD SD-WAN Product Advantages

Integrated Cellular Options

Single, Dual and Quad SIM solutions for every deployment scenario

Multi-Cloud Ready

Nirad SD-WAN is ready for your multi-cloud network design with support for an integrated deployment on multiple public and private clouds.

Centralized Stateful Firewall

Integrated Stateful Firewall for centralized policy based security. Manage all the hubs with a single centralized security policy.


Pre-configure everything ensuring an error-free and idiot-proof installation and commissioning of branches

Application Aware Policies

Define application behavior by configuring QoS as well as Forwarding policies

Cloud OnRamp

Securely connect to any site-to-datacenter, site- to-public cloud and even site to SaaS application.

Managed Network Services


  • Integrated Cellular Options
  • Configurable WAN Links
  • Self-healing SD-Branch
  • Enterprise Grade Encryption
  • Stateful Firewall
  • Direct Internet Breakout


  • Cloud OnRamp
  • Self-healing SD-Hub with DC-DR
  • Enterprise Grade Encryption
  • Direct Internet Breakout
  • Multi-Cloud Ready

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