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In an era where digital transformation drives business growth, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity is paramount. Nirad Networks offers state-of-the-art SD-WAN solutions tailored to meet the needs of modern enterprises. As a leader among SD-WAN solution providers, we deliver innovative, flexible, and secure network solutions that empower businesses to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Why Choose SD-WAN Solutions?

SD-WAN chanes network connectivity by providing intelligent path control, automatic failover, and load balancing across multiple networks. With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, businesses need a robust solution that can handle distributed infrastructures and a growing remote workforce. Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN solutions deliver on all fronts, setting us apart from other SD-WAN solution providers.

Key Features of Nirad Networks' SD-WAN Solutions

Nirad as a leader of SD-WAN solution providers, is a next-generation 5G-enabled connectivity solution. Here’s what sets our solutions apart:

 Policy-Based Routing

Ensure optimal performance by defining routes based on policies.

 5G Enabled

Leverage the latest in cellular technology for faster, more reliable connections.

Performance-Based Routing

Dynamically route traffic based on real-time performance metrics.

 Supports MPLS

Integrate with MPLS for enhanced connectivity.

Integrated Cellular Options

Maintain connectivity even in remote areas with single, dual, and quad SIM solutions.

 Multi-Cloud Ready

Seamlessly integrate with various cloud platforms.

Centralized Stateful Firewall

Protect your network with advanced security features at both branch and hub levels.

 Zero Touch Provisioning

Simplify deployment with automated provisioning, ensuring an error-free setup.

 Application-Aware Policie

 Optimize application performance with intelligent policies.

Cloud On Ramp

Improve cloud application performance by securely connecting to data centers, public clouds, and SaaS applications.

Global L2 and L3 Networks

Effortlessly build global Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks spanning multiple clouds and hubs, with VRF support.

Industry-Specific SD-WAN Solutions

Nirad Networks being the best in the market of SD-Wan solution providers caters to various industries with bespoke SD-WAN solutions:

Oil & Gas

Our custom-made 4 SIM solution with 3G and 4G technology provides reliable connectivity in remote terrains, ensuring minimum bandwidth requirements are met.


We offer robust cellular and WiFi connectivity solutions to ensure uninterrupted service for online grocers and guarantee reliable delivery to customers around the clock.


Tailored solutions featuring SIM-based connectivity and MPLS significantly enhance network connectivity in remote locations.


 Dual SIM solutions enable secure and reliable remote connectivity, facilitating seamless healthcare delivery in remote areas.


Our secured dual SIM outdoor router connections ensure efficient connectivity, supporting uninterrupted education in geographically challenging areas.

Product Offerings

N200-I SD-WAN Edge
  • Dual SIM solution for unbeatable connectivity.
  • Features diverse WAN links (4G, 5G, Broadband, ILL, MPLS, Satellite), configurable GE ports, and dynamic path selection.
  • Ensures seamless installation with zero-touch provisioning and application-aware policies.
N100-I SD-WAN Edge
  • Single SIM solution with WAN link diversity and guaranteed packet delivery.
  • Includes configurable GE ports and dynamic path selection for a seamless SD-WAN experience.
Nirad N-Controller
  • Simplifies SD-WAN management with centralized policies and advanced troubleshooting.
  • Reduces errors with dynamic link health monitoring and seamless tunnel management.

Flexibile Deployment Options

Nirad Networks provides flexible deployment options to suit various business needs:


Route all traffic through your data center.

Blended (On-Premises + Cloud)

 Deploy on-prem and cloud-hosted solutions for applications in diverse environments.

Cloud Hosted

 Ideal for businesses with all applications in the cloud, supporting platforms like AWS and Azure.

To know more about Nirad Network

Why Choose Nirad Networks?

Nirad Networks stands out in the forefront amongst SD-WAN solution providers due to our commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our SD-WAN solutions are designed, developed, and crafted in India, addressing the specific needs of Indian businesses.

Benefits of Choosing Nirad Networks

Reliable Connectivity: Enjoy uninterrupted and secure network connections.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Optimize your network infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Advanced Security: Protect your business with our centralized stateful firewall and application-aware policies.

Seamless Management:Simplify network management with our N-Controller.

 Flexible Deployment:  Choose from on-premises, cloud, or blended deployment options.


SD-WAN solutions use software-defined networking technology to manage and optimize wide area networks, ensuring secure, reliable, and efficient connectivity.

They provide cost-effective connectivity, improved network performance, enhanced security, and simplified network management.

 SD-WAN solutions are versatile and can benefit industries such as oil and gas, e-commerce, telecom, healthcare, education, and more.

 Nirad Networks offers advanced, reliable, customizable, and cost-effective SD-WAN solutions tailored to Indian businesses’ unique needs.

We offer flexible deployment options, including on-premises, cloud, and blended solutions.

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