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Secure Connectivity for Remote Stations with Nirad Network’s 4-SIM Solution

Problem Statement:

A leading crude oil and gas company faces connectivity challenges at remote stations and oil wells, hindering operations and data transmission to the central command center in Delhi.


Implementing Nirad N400-O, a 4-SIM solution with cascaded N200-O and N100-I, provides GSM-based high-speed connectivity via VPN, ensuring robust connections between remote sites and the central command center.


Nirad N400-O is deployed at remote site locations and oil wells, equipped to aggregate links and establish secure connections. Managed through Nirad NMS, centralized control and monitoring capabilities are ensured.

Key Features:

Aggregated Connectivity: N400-O aggregates links from four SIM cards, optimizing bandwidth even in remote areas.

Secure VPN Connection:

Establishes secure VPN connections to the central command center, safeguarding data transmission.

Centralized Management:

Nirad NMS enables efficient monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Dedicated Support:

Specialized team stationed at the client’s command center provides timely assistance, enhancing infrastructure reliability.


  • Enhanced Connectivity: Nirad N400-O ensures high-speed, reliable connectivity, enabling seamless data transmission.

  • Improved Security: VPN technology ensures confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged.

  • Efficient Management: Nirad NMS simplifies network management, ensuring efficient monitoring and maintenance.

  • Dedicated Support: Advanced support enhances reliability and performance of the deployed solution.

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