Unleashing Versatility:

Nirad Networks N100-I SD-WAN EDGE for Extending Branch Networks with Next-Gen SD-WAN Devices


In the rapidly evolving world of networking solutions, efficient and streamlined branch network deployment is a challenge that businesses face on a regular basis. This blog talks about How Zero Touch Provisioning can be used to simplify deployment of devices like th N100-I SD-WAN-EDGE.

The Magic of NIRAD SD-WAN Controller

NIRAD SD-WAN Controller: With its intuitive interface, network managers can effortlessly centralize policies, troubleshoot with finesse, and ensure error-free deployments. Offering features like dynamic link health monitoring, centralized policy implementation, and live device monitoring, the controller minimizes configuration errors, streamlines troubleshooting, and enhances overall network control. Real-time data insights, remote troubleshooting capabilities is just a few clicks away, simplifying device management, firmware upgrades, and detailed event monitoring. Whether it’s real-time alerts, comprehensive reports, or API support, the NIRAD SD-WAN Controller empowers your IT team to take charge, ensuring efficient problem solving, whilst having prime control.

The Power of WAN Link Diversity

In a world where connectivity is vital, devices like the N100-I SD-WAN EDGE takes versatility to the next level. They are designed to support and integrate multiple connectivity options, ranging from wired connections like ILL, MPLS, broadband, and satellite to cellular alternatives such as MPLS and internet SIMs. Moreover, the inclusion of Wi-Fi as WAN expands your network’s capabilities, making these a versatile solution for branches across various landscapes.

Smart Path Selection for Peak Performance

The Dynamic Path Selection feature is a key feature of devices like the N-100-I SD WAN EDGE, helping you completely override manual link management. This ingenious capability automatically identifies link quality based on factors like packet loss, latency, and jitter. The result? Your critical application traffic is seamlessly directed through the best-quality link, ensuring an optimal user experience even in challenging network conditions. No more worrying about interruptions during critical data transfers or those all-important video conferences.

Tailored Network Behavior with Application Aware Policies

Need to fine-tune your network performance? Look no further than the Application Aware Policies feature offered by devices like N100-I SD-WAN EDGE. Craft your own unique Quality of Service (QoS) and forwarding policies to prioritize bandwidth allocation for your key applications. Keep those latency-sensitive applications running smoothly while preventing unnecessary bandwidth upgrades – a win-win that keeps your budget happy.

Reliable Packet Delivery, No Matter What

We’ve all been there – a shaky network connection that threatens to disrupt your work. Devices like the N100-I SD-WAN EDGE boast of a feature known as ingenious packet delivery algorithm. Even if your links misbehave or waver, this device ensures that your data packets reach their destination unscathed.

Security Beyond Compromise

Security is paramount in any network, especially within extended branches. Innovative next gen networking devices like the N100-I SD-WAN EDGE address this concern with the inbuilt L3/L4 Stateful Firewall. This robust feature offers policy-based filtering and application blocking based on port or IP addresses, enhancing the overall network security.

Moreover, the device’s advanced threat protection capabilities detect and prevent various attacks, bolstering the network’s defenses. Its application layer inspection feature identifies and controls specific applications, reducing the risk of unauthorized software compromising the network.

Simplified Management with Cloud Power

Managing multiple branches can be a daunting task, but the cloud-based management system that comes as an add-on to modern devices like the N100-I SD-WAN EDGE makes it a breeze. Configure and define network security and behavior policies from a user-friendly cloud interface. This simplicity ensures that your network management remains efficient, scalable, and adaptable to your business’s changing demands.


As companies expand their branch networks to small towns and remote locations, next gen network devices like the N100-I SD-WAN EDGE can be a real game-changer. With its Zero Touch Provisioning, WAN link diversity, dynamic path selection, and robust security features, businesses can deploy and manage extended branch networks seamlessly and cost-effectively!