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Architect a multi-cloud, secure and self-healing global SD-WAN

NIRAD SD-WAN provides best-in-class security and networking for branches, 
It solves network complexity with less cost.

By optimizing traffic over multiple available WAN connections,
NIRAD SD-WAN delivers a 99.99% uptime with reliability. 

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Featured SD-WAN Solutions

Nirad offers an easy to manage network that combines wired broadband, 4G and 5G cellular services. 
Providing businesses improved performance, reliability, and rapid provisioning at an affordable price.

NIrad Edge Device-SD Branch


Blending technology and business, Nirad SD-WAN solutions have been designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of SMEs and branch offices. 

Build Fault Tolerant and Secure L2 / L3 networks with ease across multiple sites and multiple clouds with the world’s most flexible connectivity options.


Our Cloud Managed, Out-Of-Band Console Access solutions allow you to securely access your critical infrastructure even when your primary network is down.

Designed to be secure with multiple WAN failover options, access to your infrastructure is guaranteed to be available when you need it most!

Nirad OOBM Solution
Nirad IoT

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT application require internet access to communicate with their cloud-based services. 

Nirad 4G/LTE Routers are purpose-built to handle the demanding conditions of industrial IoT applications.

Features like guaranteed internet access & secure data encryption make them ideal for remote monitoring, meter-reading appliances, environmental sensors & control systems.

Made in India

Class One Supplier

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Let’s hear from our esteemed  customers

A premium plan includes Satka TV, which provides access to popular live and on-demand TV channels.

NIRAD SD-WAN Solution has transformed our network infrastructure. 

We have improved connectivity, speed and security, now our operations are more efficient and reliable.
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Theodore Martin
VP of Engineering

We wanted a secured and reliable SD-WAN Solution for our electronic stores with 99.99% uptime. 

Our search finally ended with NIRAD’s SD-Branch solution with the best in class after support.

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Olga Swarovski
Head of Admin

Nirad’s network solution has been a game changer for remote branches and vending machines. 

We’ve now  implemented over 1000 NIRAD Dual SIM SD-WAN EDGE devices at our remote sites.

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Michael Bringer
Sr. IT Manager

Our Featured Products

NIRAD SD‑WAN and Cellular portfolio is Powering multi  branch to enterprises

Nirad’s SD‑WAN and Cellular portfolio enables businesses to connect multiple branches for a secure, high-quality network experience and is considered an ideal solution.

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Nirad Products
Nirad Products
Nirad NVX86

Virtual image for VM’s and Cloud

Nirad Device Data chart
Nirad N100

Single Sim OOBM 4G Router

Nirad Products

Dual SIM+ WAN Indoor Device

Nirad N100

Single SIM+ WAN Outdoor Device



Oil & Gas​

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

Solar Power

Solar Power Plants


Substations & Grid

Smart Farming

Smart Farming

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

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