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Intelligent, streamlined, and centralized NIRAD SD-WAN Controller

The NIRAD SD-WAN Controller offers a user-friendly interface that enables network managers to centrally control, assign, and enforce policies across the WAN. ⊛  Centralized Policy Implementation ⊛  Advanced troubleshooting ⊛ Minimize configuration errors ⊛ Dynamic Link health Monitoring ⊛ Tunnel Management
Management Dashboards

⊛ Overall data use, and data rates.
⊛ Online & Offline Status
⊛ Navigation Panel and Quick network snap
⊛ Multi-tenancy (Site/Tag wise)


Live Device Monitoring

⊛ Real-time Data Rate, Data Uses
⊛ Real-time Heartbeat, Memory usage & CPU usage
⊛ Data usage on the VPN tunnel
⊛ All connected VPN clients
⊛ Real-time SIM status like SNR, RSSI, Band info etc

Zero Touch Monitoring

⊛ Alert profile
⊛ Network Profile
⊛ SSID Profile
⊛ URL Filtering Profile (Basic)
⊛ Multi-Wan Profile
⊛ Route Profile

Remote Troubleshooting

⊛ Device CLI Console
⊛ Firmware Upgrade
⊛ Reboot device Online
⊛ Detailed logs & event

Location Tracking & Geo-fence

⊛ Set Geo-fence profile
⊛ Get an email alerts
⊛ Track your device
⊛ Location Tracking & Geo-fence alert
⊛ Set real-time email alerts

Over all reports

⊛ Real-Time report statistics
⊛ Device uptime report
⊛ Data usage daily & monthly reports
⊛ Download XLS file
⊛ SIM Signal strength
⊛ Hourly, Daily & Monthly report

Webhooks & API

⊛ Support CRM webhooks
⊛ Data usage daily & monthly reports SLA webhooks

Real-Time Alert

⊛ Set alert priority (High, Medium & Low)
⊛ Real-Time alert statistics on Dashboard
⊛ Firmware Upgrade alert
⊛ WAN Status alert
⊛ SIM Signal strength
⊛ Device status change (online/offline)
⊛ Mobile data (connected/disconnected & Data usage)

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