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Ready for Multi Cloud

Nirad’s SD-WAN provides OnRamp to multiple public and private cloud which can be interconnected to create a global distributed network

Global L2 and L3 Networks

Easily create global L2, L3 or a mix of L2 and L3 Networks which can span Multiple Clouds and Hubs. Multiple VRF support and policy based routing ensures isolation and security.

Distributed & Centralized Security

Stateful Firewalls are supported both at the branch and the hub allowing network administrators maximum flexibility in configuring security policies.

Self-healing SD-Hub with DC-DR

Deploy SD-Hub with multiple WAN links and in a redundant pair for Hub redundancy. Moreoever achieve Site redundancy with support for DC-DR configurations

Enterprise Grade Encryption

Encryption - AES128 AES256, SHA256
Authentication - SHA 384, SHA 512
Mode -CBC, Counter, GCM

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Pre-configure everything ensuring an error-free and idiot-proof installation and commissioning of branches.

On Virtual Machine (VM)

Scale and Down as per the need


Private/ Public cloud

Ready for Multi Cloud

Nirad’s SD-WAN solution provides an OnRamp for businesses to access multiple public and private clouds seamlessly. NIRAD OnRamp enables organizations to interconnect their cloud infrastructure and create a global distributed network it will to optimize network performance and ensuring data security.

With NIRAD OnRamp organizations can reduce their network costs, improve their network speed, and simplify network management. This solution provides businesses with the agility they need to move and manage their applications, data, and services across the cloud and on-premises environments

Integrated Stateful Firewall

Nirad SD-WAN includes an advanced stateful firewall that can be applied either at the branch or at the hub, providing administrators with the flexibility to enforce policies in a centralized or distributed manner. By applying the firewall at both locations, administrators have maximum control over the network and can enforce policies at both the branch and hub levels.

The stateful firewall in Nirad SD-WAN is highly flexible, allowing administrators to easily create, modify, and enforce policies that are specific to their business needs. The firewall also provides businesses with a high level of visibility into network activity, making it easy to detect and respond to security threats.

In addition to its advanced firewall capabilities, Nirad SD-WAN provides businesses with a full suite of security and performance enhancements, making it the complete networking solution for businesses of all sizes.

High Availability (HA)

The main benefit of NIRAD’s Affordable High Availability feature is that it provides network redundancy and resilience, ensuring that network traffic can continue to flow even if one or more components of the network fail. Finally, It also can help to reduce the overall cost of network operations. By providing a more reliable and resilient network, HA can help to minimize the need for manual intervention in the event of a failure. This can help to reduce the amount of time and resources that must be devoted to network maintenance and support, freeing up resources for other important tasks

Deployment Options


If you want all traffic to be routed through your datacenter, the On-Premises NVX86 SD-Hub solution is for you.

Cloud Hosted

NVX86 SD-Hub Gateway can be deployed on cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, which is a common deployment option if all of your applications are in the cloud.


NVX86 SD-Hub Gateway can be deployed on-prem AND be cloud hosted where applications are hosted in diverse environments

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