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Securely Manage Infrastructure from Anywhere with NIRAD OOBM Solution

Out-of-band management (OOBM) is a critical tool for maintaining and securing your network infrastructure such as servers and routers, even when the primary links are down. With NIRAD’s OOBM solution, you can take advantage of cellular connectivity to manage your devices remotely, ensuring that your network remains up and always running.


Nirad Out-of-band management (OOBM) is used to manage and monitor servers and network equipment by using a separate communication channel such as dedicated broadband or Cellular links. This separate channel can be used for tasks such as troubleshooting, updating firmware, and remote configurations. Nirad OOBM uses a dedicated serial connection to access the system’s console or command line interface. This allows administrators to access the system even if the primary data path is down, or if the system is not functioning properly or is unreachable due to misconfiguration. Our solution is widely used in data centers, enterprise networks, and other critical infrastructure environments.

Console Access From Anywhere

Manage Everything from the Cloud
Access Console Ports to configure Routers /Switches/Firewalls
Troubleshoot using Log and console session data
Connect upto 4 separate Systems using 1 router

Highly secure connection

Nirad OOBM is architected to be a 100% secure and self-contained system so that IT administrators can deploy the solution worry-free knowing that their critical infrastructure is isolated from the OOBM network. 

With these security measures in place, Nirad OOBM ensures that only authorized personnel can access the system and that all communications are protected from potential threats such as eavesdropping and tampering.


Complete Isolation

  1. Cellular out-of-band management provides complete isolation from the network making it impossible for a potential hacker to get on the network.
  2. If a broadband link is used, no ports are required to be opened on the Network Firewall ensuring hackers are unable to log into the OOBM Router.
  3. The OOBM device is connected via a Serial Ports to the Console port of the Server / Routers.
  4. The OOBM devices and the Console ports can ONLY be accessed through the Nirad Cloud Portal.

Latest Security Measures

  1. Robust encryption and authentication protocols ensure the integrity of the out-of-band management communications. It uses industry-standard encryption algorithms such as AES to protect data in transit.
  2. VPNs are used between the cloud and the OOBM device to ensure secure remote access and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Includes advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, role-based access control, and audit logging to provide an additional layer of security.
Save expensive Site visits

The NIRAD OOBM solution can effectively eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly on-site technical support visits.

By providing remote access to servers and equipment, support engineers can quickly diagnose and resolve issues, even during outages. 

This not only saves time and expenses, but also allows for a more efficient and effective resolution of problems, all while safely and securely managing the system from the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Complete all in one package

The NIRAD OOBM solution is a comprehensive package that includes everything needed for secure remote management of critical infrastructure. 

It comes with a USB hub, USB to serial console cables, and even offers free cloud connectivity for the first 3 months. You don’t need anything else to get started!!

The Most Flexible Connectivity Options
Nirad OOBM solution provides the world’s most flexible connectivity options, allowing IT Admins to choose the best method for their specific needs. The solution supports connectivity via Broadband, Cellular, and even WiFi as a WAN, giving IT Admins the freedom to connect their servers and equipment from anywhere, at any time
Wifi As WAN

This is very useful feature for OOBM When WiFi as WAN is enabled, the router will find other WiFi networks that you can select and use as WAN.

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