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WAN Link Diversity

Supports & Combines multiple connectivity:
⊛ Wired -> ILL, MPLS, Broadband, Satellite
⊛ Cellular -> MPLS & Internet SIMs
⊛ Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi As WAN

Configurable GE Ports

⊛ Fixed WAN – 1 X GE
⊛ Fixed SIM - 1 X SIM
⊛ Fixed LAN – 1 X GE
⊛ Configurable GE Ports – 3 X GE

Dynamic Path Selection

Automatic link quality detection based on packet loss, latency and jitter. Dynamically chooses the best quality link for critical application traffic, guaranteeing an optimal critical application user experience.

Application Aware Policies

Define application behavior by configuring QoS as well as Forwarding policies

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Pre-configure everything ensuring an error-free and idiot-proof installation and commissioning of branches.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery

Nirad’s unique algorithm guarantees packets are delivered to the destination even when links are unstable or misbehaving.

Branch Side Deployment Options

WAN Link Diversity

Supports & Combines multiple connectivity:
⊛ Wired -> ILL, MPLS, Broadband, Satellite
⊛ Cellular -> MPLS & Internet SIMs
⊛ Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi As WAN

Multi Path Quality
of service (QOS)

NIRAD’s SD-WAN solution provides administrators with complete control over end-to-end traffic. With their powerful QoS rules, high-bandwidth, real-time applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and video-on-demand can be prioritized in order to ensure optimal performance. 

Multi-WAN load balancing allows for multiple internet connections to be used simultaneously for added bandwidth, while Multi Path QoS helps maximize bandwidth utilization and boosts productivity.

Top Benefits
• Granular Traffic Management
• Bandwidth allocation is guaranteed for essential business applications.
• Applications with latency sensitivity are given priority in bandwidth usage.
• This helps prevent costly bandwidth upgrades and saves money

URL Filtering

With NIRAD SD-WAN URL Filtering feature administrators can capable to allow and block (whitelist and blacklist) access to specific websites they know to be dangerous or harmful based on their URL, domain, IP address, or keywords in the URL.More broadly, administrators can block or allow entire URL categories, blocklisting & whitelisting entire groups of websites at once.

Minimizing security risks. The most important benefit of URL Filtering that you’ll reduce the security vulnerabilities faced by your organization. You’ll be less susceptible to internet-based threats.

VPN Channel Fusion

Nirad VPN Channel Fusion is a technology that allows multiple communication links to be combined into a single, higher bandwidth connection. The fusion process leverages software algorithms to ensure that data is efficiently transmitted over multiple links in real-time, providing a more stable and resilient connection. In addition to increased bandwidth, Nirad VPN Channel Fusion offers protection against network failures. If one of the links in the bonded connection fails, the technology automatically redirects traffic to the remaining links, ensuring that communication continues without interruption. This not only enhances reliability but also provides a robust disaster recovery solution. Nirad VPN Channel Fusion can be applied to various types of communication links including wired, cellular, Wi-Fi and even satellite connections. This makes it a versatile solution for organizations that require high-speed, dependable communication in a variety of scenarios.

Inbuilt Security –
L3/L4 Stateful Firewall

All NIRAD EDGE devices have inbuilt stateful firewall feature it can do policy-based filtering and blocking applications based on port or IP addresses. It has

Connection Tracking

Nirad keeps a record of all active network connections, including source and destination addresses, port numbers, and protocol information. This allows it to track the state of each connection, making it possible to identify if a connection is established, closed, or in transit

Application Layer Inspection

Nirad is designed to inspect network traffic at the application layer. This level of inspection allows Nirad to identify specific applications and can block or allow those applications based on the configured policies.

Advanced Threat Protection

Nirad can detect and prevent various types of attacks, such as Denial of Service (DDoS) and unauthorized access.
Mitigating DDoS attacks is done by mechanisms such as Rate Limiting, Filtering and Connection tracking.

Network Address Translation

Nirad includes NAT capabilities, which allow it to hide internal network addresses from the public Internet. This adds an extra layer of security by making it difficult for unauthorized users to access internal resources

Quality of Service (QoS)

Nirad can prioritize network traffic based on specific criteria, such as type of traffic, source and destination, and bandwidth requirements. This ensures that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and that less important traffic, such as email or file transfers, does not interfere with important business activities.

Cloud Managed

Nirad comes with user-friendly cloud based management, making it easy to configure and define network security and behavior policies.

Nirad Secure SD-WAN Use Cases

Direct Internet Breakout at Branch –
With NIRAD’s Software-Defined Branch solution, policies can be defined to direct business-critical applications, such as Office 365 and Salesforce, to directly access the internet from the branch for a speedy user experience. Meanwhile, dedicated tunnels can be reserved for applications that still reside in the corporate data center. This solution ensures that traffic is routed efficiently and effectively.
MPLS Migration made easy

Make your transition from MPLS easily with Nirad’s in-built support for MPLS based connections. 
You can continue to use MPLS until you develop confidence to migrate to using SD-WAN protected Broadband or SIM links.

Policy Based Failover Behavior

Control the behavior of your network in the event of a failover. For example if the primary link fails,
Nirad can block non critical traffic over the backup links, ensuring that mission critical traffic can make it through.

Whitelist / Blacklist Traffic
NIRAD Software-Defined Branch solution can be configured to allow only permitted applications and block other unwanted traffic. Ensure that security policies can be easily configured from the cloud and changed dynamically on-demand.

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