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Single SIM Indoor Router

Single SIM Cellular & UP to 4 WAN

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Single SIM Cellular & UP to 4 WAN

WAN Aggregation

Aggregation between multiple
WAN (1 SIM+ 4 WAN + WiFi) links

Centrally Managed

Provision and Monitor all routers from the cloud

Configurable WAN Links

Configurable WAN Links Pre-Provision or Change the number of WAN ports for maximum reliability 

Enterprise-Grade Security

Integrated Stateful Firewall ensuring Branch Security

Wi-Fi As WAN

Use available Wi-Fi Networks as WAN in places where cellular connectivity is poor

Product Details

Nirad N100-I Router, comes with five Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports and one built-in SIM slot for a cellular connection. It also has two advanced high gain 4G LTE antennas and four high gain omnidirectional Wi-Fi antennas to ensure a stable and fast connection. Furthermore, the three convertible Gigabit Ethernet ports provide additional flexibility easy and reliability when deploying devices at different sites.   The NIRAD Indoor 4G LTE Router features a Wired WAN to SIM failover mechanism that automatically re-routes traffic in case of a primary fixed-line broadband connection loss. It is also compatible with the NIRAD cloud-based management system, an efficient device monitoring & real-time alerting & troubleshooting tool.
Auto Failover & Aggregation

The Single SIM router provides an auto-failover & Aggregation mechanism. If WAN Link loses its connectivity the traffic automatically switches over to the other SIM & WAN link

Configurable WAN Links:

Pre-Provision or Change the number of WAN ports for maximum reliability

Best Band Selection

Auto and manual band selection. Supports all available bands

Zero Touch Provisioning

Pre-configure everything ensuring an error-free and idiot-proof installation and commissioning of branches.

Deploy Anywhere

Operating temperatures is -20° C to 70° C that mean you can just deploy, forget, and enjoy the benefits.

URL Filtering

NIRAD SD-WAN URL Filtering feature allows you to allow and block (whitelist and blacklist) access to specific websites based on their URL, domain, IP address, or keywords in the URL

Wi-Fi As WAN

N100-I Support Wi-Fi as WAN feature the router will find other WiFi networks that you can select and use as WAN.

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