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With NIRAD SD-WAN Gateway
Unlock seamless connectivity, optimize network performance and reduce costs.

Nirad SD-WAN solutions have been designed with SMEs and branch offices in mind.
It provides users with a Fault Tolerant and Secure L2/L3 network that is easy to customize across multiple sites, multiple clouds, and various connectivity options.

This software is packed with advanced features that help streamline operations and improve network efficiency.


Nirad NVX86 is an ideal solution for organizations that want to quickly and easily connect their branches to data centers or cloud networks while optimizing their network performance. It is a flexible and scalable SD-WAN gateway software with advanced features, allowing organizations to scale up their branch connectivity in a more efficient way. Nirad NVX86 works on virtual machines (VMs) and cloud instances.


Cloud OnRamp

Securely connect to any site-to-datacenter, site- to-public cloud and even site to SaaS application.

Self-healing SD-Hub with DC-DR

Deploy SD-Hub with multiple WAN links and in a redundant pair for Hub redundancy. Moreover achieve Site redundancy with support for DC-DR configurations

Enterprise Grade Encryption

Encryption -AES128, AES256, SHA256

Authentication – SHA 384, SHA 512

Mode-CBC, Counter, GCM

Direct Internet Breakout

Configure direct access from the branch to popular applications like Office365 etc

Multi-Cloud Ready

Nirad SD-WAN is ready for your multi-cloud network design with support for an integrated deployment on multiple public and private clouds.

Centralized Stateful Firewall

Integrated Stateful Firewall for centralized policy based security. Manage all the hubs with a single centralized security policy.

NIRAD SD-WAN Overlay Topologies

Nirad’s SD-WAN allows for flexibility in deploying multiple types of network topology architectures. Using our centralized Nirad SD-Controller, you can configure a simple Hub – Spoke topology or a complex Multi-Cloud Multi-Hub topology. An overlay architecture also allows you to connect diverse underlay technologies such as connecting MPLS sites to VPN based sites.

In this scenario, spoke sites are completely isolated from each other. Spoke sites can communicate only to services and applications deployed at the hub site.


In this scenario, Spoke sites can communicate with each other via the L2 or L3 Virtual Switch. The SD-VSwitch is a virtual switch that is an integral part of the SD-Hub allowing multiple sites to be connected to each other using L2 or L3 Switching.



The SD-vSwitch can be used to create multiple L2 or L3 VRFs allowing multiple disjoint networks to be created. These networks provide isolation from each other for security and other network planning reasons. Moreover policies can be defined to regulate access between multiple VRFs allowing for a complete control over how the network is defined.



The SD-vSwitch can be extended across multiple clouds or data centers, providing the ultimate in deployment flexibility. This allows network designers to optimize their network design by creating SD-Hubs closer to their applications and inter-connecting SD-Hubs while maintaining security and isolation between VRFs.


Deployment Options


If you want all traffic to be routed through your datacenter, the On-Premises NVX86 SD-Hub solution is for you.

Cloud Hosted

NVX86 SD-Hub Gateway can be deployed on cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, which is a common deployment option if all of your applications are in the cloud.


NVX86 SD-Hub Gateway can be deployed on-prem AND be cloud hosted where applications are hosted in diverse environments

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