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Self-Healing SD-WAN Network

Downtime is not an option for today’s businesses. That’s why Nirad SD-WAN is designed to keep your network up and running, no matter what. With its advanced self-healing capabilities, Nirad SD-WAN provides businesses with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that their network is always up and running.
Nirad SD-WAN continuously monitors the link quality for Jitter, Latency, and Throughput, adjusting the amount of bandwidth sent on each link based on the quality of the link. This ensures that your network always performs at its best, even when one or more links experience degradation. If a link deteriorates below a certain level, Nirad SD-WAN will mark the link as unusable and seamlessly redirect traffic to other available links. And when the link quality improves, the link is restored, ensuring that you’re always connected.

The self-healing capabilities of Nirad SD-WAN provide businesses with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their network is always up and running. And because it’s software-defined, Nirad SD-WAN is highly scalable and flexible, growing with your business as your needs change.

Ready for Multi Cloud

Nirad’s SD-WAN solution provides an OnRamp for businesses to access multiple public and private clouds seamlessly. NIRAD OnRamp enables organizations to interconnect their cloud infrastructure and create a global distributed network it will to optimize network performance and ensuring data security.

With NIRAD OnRamp organizations can reduce their network costs, improve their network speed, and simplify network management. This solution provides businesses with the agility they need to move and manage their applications, data, and services across the cloud and on-premises environments

Integrated Stateful Firewall

Nirad SD-WAN includes an advanced stateful firewall that can be applied either at the branch or at the hub, providing administrators with the flexibility to enforce policies in a centralized or distributed manner. By applying the firewall at both locations, administrators have maximum control over the network and can enforce policies at both the branch and hub levels.

The stateful firewall in Nirad SD-WAN is highly flexible, allowing administrators to easily create, modify, and enforce policies that are specific to their business needs. The firewall also provides businesses with a high level of visibility into network activity, making it easy to detect and respond to security threats.

In addition to its advanced firewall capabilities, Nirad SD-WAN provides businesses with a full suite of security and performance enhancements, making it the complete networking solution for businesses of all sizes.

VPN Channel Fusion

Nirad VPN Channel Fusion is a technology that allows multiple communication links to be combined into a single, higher bandwidth connection. The fusion process leverages software algorithms to ensure that data is efficiently transmitted over multiple links in real-time, providing a more stable and resilient connection.
In addition to increased bandwidth, Nirad VPN Channel Fusion offers protection against network failures. If one of the links in the bonded connection fails, the technology automatically redirects traffic to the remaining links, ensuring that communication continues without interruption. This not only enhances reliability but also provides a robust disaster recovery solution.
Nirad VPN Channel Fusion can be applied to various types of communication links including wired, cellular, Wi-Fi and even satellite connections. This makes it a versatile solution for organizations that require high-speed, dependable communication in a variety of scenarios.

Inbuilt Security –
L3/L4 Stateful Firewall

All NIRAD EDGE devices have inbuilt stateful firewall feature it can do policy-based filtering and blocking applications based on port or IP addresses. It has

Connection Tracking

Nirad keeps a record of all active network connections, including source and destination addresses, port numbers, and protocol information. This allows it to track the state of each connection, making it possible to identify if a connection is established, closed, or in transit

Application Layer Inspection

Nirad is designed to inspect network traffic at the application layer. This level of inspection allows Nirad to identify specific applications and can block or allow those applications based on the configured policies.

Advanced Threat Protection

Nirad can detect and prevent various types of attacks, such as Denial of Service (DDoS) and unauthorized access.
Mitigating DDoS attacks is done by mechanisms such as Rate Limiting, Filtering and Connection tracking.

Network Address Translation

Nirad includes NAT capabilities, which allow it to hide internal network addresses from the public Internet. This adds an extra layer of security by making it difficult for unauthorized users to access internal resources

Cloud Managed

Nirad comes with user-friendly cloud based management, making it easy to configure and define network security and behavior policies.

Packet Loss Mitigation

To address last mile packet loss, NIRAD employs numerous mitigation techniques. The effects of packet loss are dramatically reduced by detecting lost packets.

When packet loss does jump, NIRAD Sockets automatically detect the change and switch traffic to alternate link(s) connecting the site. NIRAD intelligently resumes use of primary links to avoid link flapping.

Nirad SD-WAN VPN Fusion provides guaranteed packet delivery through the use of retransmissions. Our technology ensures that data packets are transmitted over the network in a reliable and efficient manner, reducing the risk of network downtime and data loss.

Retransmissions are used to ensure that any lost or corrupted packets are automatically transmitted again, ensuring that all data reaches its destination without fail. This guarantees that your critical business data is always protected and delivered on time, even in the event of network disruptions.

High Availability (HA)

The main benefit of NIRAD’s Affordable High Availability feature is that it provides network redundancy and resilience, ensuring that network traffic can continue to flow even if one or more components of the network fail. Finally, It also can help to reduce the overall cost of network operations. By providing a more reliable and resilient network, HA can help to minimize the need for manual intervention in the event of a failure. This can help to reduce the amount of time and resources that must be devoted to network maintenance and support, freeing up resources for other important tasks

URL Filtering

With NIRAD SD-WAN URL Filtering feature administrators can capable to allow and block (whitelist and blacklist) access to specific websites they know to be dangerous or harmful based on their URL, domain, IP address, or keywords in the URL.More broadly, administrators can block or allow entire URL categories, blocklisting & whitelisting entire groups of websites at once.

Minimizing security risks. The most important benefit of URL Filtering that you’ll reduce the security vulnerabilities faced by your organization. You’ll be less susceptible to internet-based threats.

WAN Link Diversity

WAN Link diversity allows EDGE devices to have multiple connectivity options, ensuring reliable and efficient network performance. With NIARD EDGE devices, you can choose from a variety of WAN options including 4G, 5G, Broadband, ILL, MPLS, and Satellite for the most diverse connectivity solution in the industry.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Branch deployments pose significant challenges when lacking local IT personnel with technical expertise. NIRAD addresses these challenges through the implementation of Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which facilitates effortless scalability and deployment even in the absence of local IT resources.
NIRAD EDGE Devices require minimal setup and configuration, only needing a power source and a WAN Details. Upon accessing the internet, these devices automatically establish a connection with the NIRAD centralized controller and initiate the configuration process with no manual intervention required. This allows for streamlined branch deployments, mitigating the need for local IT support.

Direct Internet Breakout

With NIRAD’s Software-Defined Branch solution, policies can be defined to direct business-critical applications, such as Office 365 and Salesforce, to directly access the internet from the branch for a speedy user experience. Meanwhile, dedicated tunnels can be reserved for applications that still reside in the corporate data center. This solution ensures that traffic is routed efficiently and effectively.

Policy Based Forwarding

With NIRAD Policy Based Forwarding (PBF), traffic can be routed across multiple private or public WAN links based on application type, device profile, and destination Network administrators can apply policies based on various parameters, including IP addresses, ports, traffic type, protocols, access list, packet size, etc. This allows them to route packets according to user-defined routes, ensuring secure and efficient network operations.

Multi Path Quality of service (QOS)

“NIRAD SD-WAN solution allows IT administrators to control end-to-end traffic and ensure the performance of critical applications, even when network capacity is limited or when using shared internet connections. With NIRAD’s QoS rules, critical applications receive the necessary upstream and downstream capacity, while other applications are served on a best-effort basis. Administrators can modify or create rules, either network-wide or per site, determining the order in which packets are handled and the amount of bandwidth each application or traffic flow receives.
Bandwidth, latency, and jitter are the key measurements for QoS. This makes QoS particularly important for high-bandwidth, real-time traffic such as VoIP, video conferencing, and video-on-demand, which are sensitive to latency and jitter. Multi-WAN load balancing allows enterprises to increase bandwidth by adding internet connections, while Multi-Path QoS helps improve bandwidth utilization and increase productivity

Top Benefits
• Granular Traffic Management
• Bandwidth allocation is guaranteed for essential business applications.
• Applications that are sensitive to latency are given priority in bandwidth usage.
• This helps prevent costly bandwidth upgrades and saves money

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