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SD WAN Solutions For 24×7 Surveillance Security

Dependable, seamless and  secured connectivity is the core of any security & surveillance infrastructure. Issues such as real-time monitoring, swift alerts and notifications, and efficient data retrieval and storage hinder the day-to-day operations of sites, especially when relying on traditional methods like WAN cables. Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN solution is designed to overcome these hurdles especially for Indian businesses. With its Easy, Stable, Seamless, and Secure features, Nirad SD-WAN simplifies complex setups, ensures a steady network, facilitates smooth data transmission, and maintains robust security measures.

Why Choose Nirad Networks for Your Site Surveillance Needs?

Nirad Networks’ SD-WAN is designed for efficient site surveillance. With its Easy, Stable, Seamless, and Secure features, it simplifies complex setups, ensures a reliable network, facilitates smooth data transmission, and prioritizes strong security. It’s a complete solution that not only tackles challenges in site surveillance but also plays a key role in ensuring the success of surveillance operations overall. At Nirad Networks, we understand the unique challenges encountered in site surveillance, making us the perfect connectivity partner. Here’s why Nirad Networks can redefine and strengthen your site surveillance operations:

Scalability for Growing Surveillance Needs

Nirad SD-WAN is designed to scale seamlessly with the growing demands of site surveillance. Whether expanding the number of cameras or adding new surveillance points, our solution adapts to the evolving requirements of surveillance operations.

Application-Aware Routing for Optimal Performance

Ensure optimal performance for critical surveillance applications with Nirad's application-aware routing. The SD-WAN solution intelligently routes traffic based on the specific needs of surveillance applications, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Comfortable Adaptability in Challenging Environments

Nirad Networks' SD-WAN is built to thrive in challenging environments commonly encountered in site surveillance. Whether dealing with inclement weather, variable network conditions, or power fluctuations, our solution ensures resilience and continuity in surveillance operations.

Swift & Seamless Deployment

Bid farewell to complex installations with Nirad's Zero Touch Provisioning, streamlining the deployment process for site surveillance. This ensures a rapid and error-free setup, eliminating the need for extensive IT support and providing a seamless and efficient experience.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Experience agile connectivity with Nirad Networks, understanding the time sensitivity in site surveillance operations. We provide alternative connectivity solutions, reducing wait time and enabling faster deployment. Our solutions support SIM-based cellular connectivity, offering a versatile way to overcome the challenges of traditional installation processes.

Key Features of Nirad Networks' Site Surveillance Solution

Explore the unparalleled features of Nirad Networks’ Industrial Site Surveillance Router series, meticulously crafted to excel in diverse site surveillance environments, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Discover how Nirad Networks can elevate your site surveillance operations:

Seamless Connectivity with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our routers seamlessly operate in various site surveillance settings, ensuring consistent connectivity for smooth operations and reliable monitoring.

Enhanced Surveillance Speed

Elevate the speed of real-time updates, whether it's monitoring on-site activities or transmitting critical data, enhancing overall efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Cloud-Based Management

Effortlessly monitor and manage all Nirad routers from any location with our intuitive cloud-based management system, providing real-time insights and control over your entire site surveillance network.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Experience hassle-free installations with our Zero Touch Provisioning, streamlining deployment across all surveillance locations for quick and error-free setup.

URL Filtering for Control

Take charge of your site surveillance network with NIRAD SD-WAN URL Filtering, allowing customized network access policies for enhanced security and control over the flow of surveillance data.

Deployment Flexibility

Our routers boast a versatile operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, ensuring durability and flexibility for deployment in various site surveillance environments, even in challenging conditions.

Optimal Band Selection

Ensure optimal performance by accessing all available bands with our routers, supporting both auto band and manual band selection for efficient data transmission in diverse site surveillance scenarios.

Transform your site surveillance operations with Nirad Networks. Our industrial routers serve as the cornerstone for unlocking efficiency, reliability, and scalability in site surveillance. Say goodbye to connectivity challenges and embrace the future of surveillance operations. Reach out to us today to discover how Nirad Networks can empower and elevate your site surveillance endeavors.

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