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SD WAN Solutions For Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is going through a critical phase after the pandemic. This has led to a big rethink, focusing on achieving net-zero goals, reducing carbon emissions, and adopting digital technologies faster. Nirad SD-WAN is a smart solution, standing out because it’s easy, stable, seamless, and secure. It beats traditional MPLS lines in flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. Specifically designed for the post-Covid era, Nirad SD-WAN simplifies things, cuts costs, and improves security. Find out how it can transform the digital side of the oil and gas sector, meeting the needs of a dynamic and widely spread industry.

Why Choose Nirad Networks for Your Oil and Gas Plant Connectivity?

As the industry undergoes a required change, Nirad Networks is the go-to partner for upgrading connectivity in Oil and Gas Plants. We understand the hurdles of recovering from the pandemic, meeting net-zero targets, and speeding up digitalization. That’s why we provide a customized solution that suits the widespread locations of oil and gas operations.

Remote Operations Simplified

Nirad Networks understands the intricacies of oil and gas operations, where production and exploration sites operate in remote and challenging conditions. With expertise in managing remote connectivity requiring enterprises, our SD-WAN solution ensures reliable network access for critical applications.

Scalability for Dynamic Operations

Oil and Gas Plants often need to adapt to dynamic operational requirements, whether expanding surveillance points or incorporating new technologies. Nirad SD-WAN is engineered for scalability, effortlessly growing with the evolving demands of oil and gas operations.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

In an industry where the security of essential infrastructure is of priority, Nirad Networks emphasizes the implementation of robust security measures. Our SD-WAN solution ensures that stateful firewalls are supported at both branch and hub levels, providing network administrators with maximum flexibility in configuring security policies.

Enhanced Networking Capabilities

With the digital transformation in the oil and gas sector demanding advanced networking capabilities, Nirad SD-WAN surpasses traditional MPLS lines. Private lines often fall short in terms of complexity, cost, and flexibility compared to Nirad's SD-WAN solution that supports and combines wired, cellular and WiFi.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Say goodbye to intricate installations with Nirad's Zero Touch Provisioning tailored for oil and gas plants. This streamlined deployment process simplifies the setup for site surveillance, ensuring a swift and error-free implementation. By eliminating the need for extensive IT support, it delivers a seamless and efficient experience for enhanced operational productivity.

Key Features of Nirad Networks' Oil and Gas Plant Connectivity Solution

Discover the exceptional features of Nirad Networks’ Industrial Connectivity Router series, expertly designed to excel in diverse oil and gas plant environments, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. Explore how Nirad Networks can enhance your oil and gas plant operations:

Seamless Connectivity with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our routers seamlessly operate in various oil and gas plant settings, ensuring consistent connectivity for smooth operations and reliable monitoring.

Enhanced Operational Speed

Elevate the speed of real-time updates, whether it's monitoring on-site activities or transmitting critical data, enhancing overall efficiency in day-to-day oil and gas plant operations.

Cloud-Based Management

Effortlessly monitor and manage all Nirad routers from any location with our intuitive cloud-based management system, providing real-time insights and control over your entire oil and gas plant connectivity network.

URL Filtering for Control

Take charge of your oil and gas plant connectivity network with NIRAD SD-WAN URL Filtering, allowing customized network access policies for enhanced security and control over the flow of operational data.

Deployment Flexibility

Our routers boast a versatile operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, ensuring durability and flexibility for deployment in various oil and gas plant environments, even in challenging conditions.

Optimal Band Selection

Ensure optimal performance by accessing all available bands with our routers, supporting both auto band and manual band selection for efficient data transmission in diverse oil and gas plant scenarios.

Revamp how your oil and gas plant work with Nirad Networks. Our specialized routers are the key to making things run smoother, more reliably, and with room to grow in your plant’s connectivity. Say goodbye to connection issues and welcome a future where your oil and gas plant operates seamlessly. Get in touch with us today to see how Nirad Networks can make your work in the oil and gas industry more efficient and elevated.

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